What Makes Hotel Rooms Smell So Good?

May 26, 2022

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Have you ever walked into a five-star hotel's lobby and smelled a distinctive scent? Have you ever been annoyed by a restroom odor? Have you ever remembered a wonderful stay because you smelled something similar?
As we all know, scent marketing is becoming increasingly popular in China's leisure and hospitality industry in order to improve their overall brand image. However, several hotel practitioners and staff members continue to have concerns about the use of aroma diffusers.
Then why not follow me and get your questions answered?

01 Why should a fragrance diffuser be used in the hotel lobby and other public areas?
The hospitality industry has agreed that if someone stays in a place for 10 minutes, the scent will leave an impression on him. It's crucial to figure out how to satisfy customers' overall feelings in the shortest amount of time. Customers' attitudes toward service, class, and brand message can multiply customers' attitudes toward service, class, and brand message, generating a more positive evaluation.
02 Why use an aroma diffuser in your room or bathroom?
The key to good hotel service is the room environment, but the difficult-to-get-rid-of odor from new furniture and paint in stores and hotels is affecting the quality of hotel services.
Long journeys tire customers out; what they need is a comfortable environment to sleep and stay in. Aromatherapy products can help with mood enhancement, stress relief, insomnia, fatigue reduction, and more.

03 Why can't you choose your hotel's fragrance?
Hotel scents are similar to women's perfumes. The fragrance it chooses should be based on an analysis of your company's self-positioning and on meeting the needs of your target customers. What type of customer do you want to attract, and what kind of experience do you want to provide them with? Only after the hotel has a firm grasp on its own brand's concept can it come up with fragrance suggestions and distribution strategies.
According to the hotel industry, the chosen fragrance must be able to accurately grasp the positioning characteristics and olfactory sensations of the core customer groups. Customers' characteristics and olfactory sensations should be accurately captured by the fragrance they choose.
Since its inception, SCENTA has focused on aroma diffuser design, fragrance brand marketing, indoor air care, and decoration as a tie-in aroma diffuser manufacturer. It has been actively adopting new technology in recent years, insisting on product quality, using market feedback as a guide, constantly optimizing product structure and functions, and ensuring that brand products and technology continue to lead the way in the fragrance industry.

The hotel fragrance experience has evolved into an intimate and specific experience in recent years, already infiltrating deep into the minds of consumers and allowing them to delicately feel the quality of hotel services!

Scent marketing has emerged as a powerful tool for more brands to create a multi-dimensional brand image as people's desire for a better life grows.