Things You Need to Know About AROMA DIFFUSER

July 14, 2022

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Nowadays, a comfortable indoor environment with scent experience has become a daily requirement as we are likely to pursue a high-quality life. There is a superb collection of fragrance products on the market, such as air fresheners, reed diffusers, scented candles, and aroma diffusers etc. How to choose a suitable fragrance product? Maybe we need to consider several factors: demand, brand, function and its appearance.

1. Based on your actual needs

In fact, more expensive things are not always better. When choosing fragrance products, it is necessary to look back to your needs and their functions.
According to the application area and functional needs, fragrance products are generally divided into three types: commercial, household, and automotive ones.

Commercial field - Considering the fragrance coverage, consumption, whether it can be remotely controlled, and whether it can be connected to the HVAC system.

Household field - Take into account the working noise, whether it can work regularly, and whether it is easy to operate. There are also some products that can humidify, use as aroma humidifier, and even become decorative items to decorate your home.

Automotive field - Considering whether it can work synchronously with the car, whether it is small and compact enough, whether it is convenient to carry, and whether the fragrance is harmless to the car interior.
Generally speaking, traditional fragrance products have certain disadvantages:

Air fresheners - Usually solid balm, mainly diffuse in the physical volatilization way, cheap in price, but small range and short lasting.
Scented candles - A common household product, good companion for night reading. However, open flames can easily ignite surrounding objects and cause fire danger.

Reed diffusers - Also a common household product. It is used with perfume and easy to DIY. However, the perfume volatilizes quickly, and also in small scope and short fragrance retention.

Fragrance cans and dispensers - The most used room scent products at present. It can regularly spray fragrance. However, it cannot be connected to the HVAC system and has a small scent coverage. Fragrances types are limitted, and replacement is inconvenient.
As a newer type of fragrance product, aroma diffuser machine with essential oil diffusion, can better solve these problems and meet the unique fragrance needs of various places, which may be your better choice.

2. Essential oils or fragrance oils
Water or other essential oils are not compatible with scent machines. Because of different structures and designs, some machines require pure essential oils, otherwise, the atomizing head will be blocked, and even stop working, while others require a manufacturer's suggest fragrance oils. (It's a good idea to double-check with the manufacturer before making a purchase.)


3. Inappropriate placement
Once the essential oils have been installed, the fragrance diffuser must be kept upright. Tilting, or inverting, can cause essential oil leakage and thus damage to the diffuser!


4. Choosing a suitable fragrance type
I was sent a set of matching essential oils, natural plant essences that freshen the air while also refreshing the mind, when I purchased aroma diffuser. Choosing your suitable essential oil is also crucial; for example, neroli or lavender can be used in the bedroom to calm and relax, relieve tension headaches, and treat insomnia.


5. Scent intensity grades
Some aroma diffuser have various intensity grades to choose from. If you're in a small space, like a room, you can use the first grade to avoid getting dizzy cause by over-heavy fragrance. Third grade can be used to eliminate odors in washroom! Second grade is generally suitable for use in the living room, office, or car, providing continuous scenting without ruining the atmosphere. Commercial aroma machines usually have more and higher grades to choose from, so that they're suitable for hotels and shopping malls during large events.


6. Sizes of aroma diffusers
You can use a aromatherapy heater in an area of 5 square meters or less, an air freshener dispenser for an area of 30 square meters or less, a small aroma diffuser for an area of 200 square meters or less, a medium-sized fragrance dispenser for an area of 300-500 square metres. For an area of 500 square metres or more, scent diffusers shall be large-sized and can be connected to the HVAC system, also support ceiling-suspended and wall-mounted placements.



The points listed above are based on the survey from millions of customers who have purchased aroma diffusers. Hope they will help to refresh the knowledge about aroma diffuser for those who are ready to get one!