Remain True to Our Original Aspiration | SCENTA 9th Anniversary Celebration

November 22, 2022

Latest company news about Remain True to Our Original Aspiration | SCENTA 9th Anniversary Celebration
Time went back to 2008, we gathered together for investigating and expanding the international market of scent diffuser machine, and finally founded our brand SCENTA. Now, in addition to the domestic market we already serve, SCENTA's scent service is accessible in more than 160 other nations and regions. We might unite as a strong group and work together rather than competing as individuals.
SCENTA gladly commemorate its ninth anniversary on November 18, 2022, having never forgotton its initial objective or faltered in its quest. The number 9, when it comes to business success, represents the desire for a company to generate consistently good performance and revenue. We anticipate that SCENTA will spread aroma over the world and open up more market niches.
Taking no pain, taking no gain. The members of SCENTA who have helped it grow from a little organization to what it is now accept full responsibility from their work and treat it as their life's work. How much they grow, how much they gain, how much effort they put into their development, how much sweat they drop behind the cheers, and how every firm stride they take contributes to success.
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Together, we shared our struggles in the past and created a positive outlook for the future. We appreciate all of the elites for their steadfast faith and tireless efforts, and we firmly think that we can only achieve our objectives-even in the face of overwelming odds-by learning from our mistakes.
There must be a painful memory for every remarkable teammates. They suffered a great deal and faced several challenges and demands. Instead of moaning and venting, they left a greate performance as compensation. In addition to the technology we created and the acknowledgement from our clients, our team is growing steadily. It is our company, its product, its operation, its manufacturing, and its quality control that make customers trust us and place order with us.
To put it another way, we are leading a new trend in scent marketing in a unique way.
SCENTA has witnessed many thins over the course of its nine-year history, including both amazing successes and consumer complaints, but we continue to learn from our mistakes and make every effort to enhance the quality of our products. And in the following nine years, or a decade, we will aoso meet together and discuss what you acquire, and we look forward to every advancement we make.
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When one of our guests, who serves as an excellent mentor for SCENTA, unexpectedly showed up for a celebration and brought a large cake filled with happiness and expressed her wish for a bright future for SCENTA, we smiled and were touched by her manner. We are grateful for her good wishes.
We recorded our blessings on a card at the conclusion of the celebration ceremony, which will be kept for a year and unveiled at the celebration for the 10th anniversary the following year.
We wish the collaboration and partnership continued to be sincere and close with all our customers, and enjoy a future of business continued growth and prosperity together. And many thanks to everyone who helped make this journey so much happier.
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