How Does Shopping Mall Increase Revenue?

July 29, 2022

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The source of revenue for shopping malls is closely related to customer traffic and retention time. Studies have shown that people are sensitive to smells, and pleasant aromas always make people linger. By applying the proper fragrance at the right time and location, you can enhance income while also improving customers' image of your brand. The aroma will make shopping in the mall more enjoyable for visitors.


It can increase dwell time and purchase intent in addition to attracting more customers to supermarket. Most shopping malls have fragrance systems installed around the entrance, service desk, and lobby, where visitors tend to leave unpleasant odors. Scent machines are the most efficient way to remove bad odors, and customers walking outside the establishments will be drawn to the fragrance. As a result of increasing their dwell time, their brand retention and income may improve.



SCENTA recommends HVAC SCENT MACHINES. let us look at why they are suited:


1. HVAC scent machines can be hidden above ceilings, adjustable to meet interior style. 1. The bulky and unattractive appearance of an exposed diffuser affects the interior beauty.
2. HVAC diffuser machines with a larger capacity bottle can cover 7000m3+ via air duct and diffuse scents to every corner. 2. The fragrance coverage will be limited if without HVAC connection.
3. More comfortable as a result of the even scents that AC emits. 3. Uncomfortable strong odors are usually caused by uneven diffusion of essentil oil particles.













In a restroom aisle, an aroma diffuser can also be installed. Visitors should be able to smell the fragrance from a distance if scent diffusers are placed near restroom doorways. Because toilets usually have fewer electrical outlets, a battery-powered aroma diffuser could be a great alternative. Maintaining a fragrant atmosphere is crucial for improving client enjoyment and impression in a clean restroom.



Here are some ideas for using essential oils in the restroom:


Lemon: With the fresh and sweet peel aroma, it can refresh the mind and purify the air.

Orange blossom: Relaxes, eliminates depression and anxiety, improves flatulence, helps digestion, revitalizes cells, relieves tension headaches and treats insomnia. 

Jasmine: Relaxing your emotion, relieving anxiety, promoting restful sleep.


Installing a battery-powered scent diffuser in the elevator might also be a wonderful alternative if the budget allows. However, the area must be considered. In most circumstances, a compact wall-mounted aroma diffuser with a coverage area of 60m2 will suffice to meet the needs and stimulate air circulation.



According to studies, even a trace of a fragrance can impact consumer impressions and enhance the volume of sales and store visits. Scent marketing is being used by retailers to improve sales and customer experiences.