How Can Fragrance Reduce Your Burdens In Work?

July 21, 2022

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        Pleasant scents always exerts an significant impact on physical and emotional well-being. Different indoor smells have different effects on people, and sometimes even affect their entire working state. In a former test, typing errors may be reduced when employees work in an environment smelling of lavender and lemon, while typing efficiency can be improved when employees work in an environment scented with mint and pepper.
        Aromatherapy can help relieve negative emotions such as anger, depression and low spirits. Every day, we are so busy with the task at hand that it takes a long time to complete our to-do list. The stuffy air and stacks of paperwork enfold us and exhaust us. In order to delight our emotions and dispel the dull air, maybe we can turn on the aroma machine at this time. The pleasant fragrance is diffused from the machine, so that the atmosphere and our emotions are relaxed and calmed, the irritable body and mind are precipitated, and the thoughts are focused and concentrated.
        Especially after lunch time, low spirit and fatigue can distract us from work. A breath of clear and vivid scent is needed to activate our spirits and stimulate our minds. Fragrance oils like lemon, mint or ginger can instantly refresh and reenergize you, just like a cup of coffee. In addition, the atomized essential oil particles are also effective in inhibiting bacteria and viruses in the air, especially in winter when it is cold and indoor ventilation is insufficient.
        In the early phrase of Japan, aromatherapy gradually became a part of their daily work environment. They will put a diffuser machine on the desk. Moreover, the design of the conference room also adopts the decoration with scent diffusers, which can highlight the corporate culture and style, deepen the customer's brand impression and recognition in customer communication, and build an emotional bond through fragrance.
        To wrap up, workload burdens are ubiquitous among white-collar workers. To relieve stress, we can utilize scent machines. A comfortable working atmosphere is no longer a luxury, but a necessity.