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April 2, 2022

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Scent, is a pleasant surprise in life, lingering in the tip of your nose and both mental and physical pleasure. Different scents represent different attitudes on life, to blend a unique fragrance that is uniquely yours, everyone can be their own perfumer.


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SCENTA offline aromatherapy salon took place on August 21st with the theme "Fragrance Journey". Some fans from the Guangzhou-Foshan area were specially invited to involve in this immersive fragrance journey. In this salon, embraced by the elegant and comfortable environment, everyone can know the perfume history and fragrance knowledge, while learning how to blend scents under the guidance of SCENTA renowned aromatherapist Shen Xin, an EIA certificated aromatherapist from International School of Aromatherapy, a UK TASI certificated international clinical aromatherapist and an EASF certificated aromatherapist.


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SCENTA is a pioneering brand in fragrance equipment and scent marketing, with over 10 years experience of scent marketing.  Mr. Gao Xiaoyang, the founder of SCENTA, considers that scent market in the future aims to the customized products for C-end customers. He is committed to promoting aromatherapy culture and believes that everyone can be a perfumer.


SCENTA places a high value on fragrance branding and user experience. In this fragrance salon, SCENTA can interact with our fans face to face, allowing them to better understand their needs. Returning to our previous salons, SCENTA hopes that with our professional guidance, member of the public interested in fragrance will be able to learn more about aromatherapy culture through a variety of mediums. In addition, though our online store and offline activities, we involve our customers in the development of essential oils for our creative products, giving our brand a new definition.


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At 2:00 p.m., SCENTA fragrance salon was held. Mr. Shen started a discussion on the important of smell, and shared knowledge about taste, fragrance ingredients and smell. He raised a simple but thought-provoking question "Which is the least important, sight, sound, smell, taste and touch? ". He gave everyone a better understanding of fragrance and made them realize how important fragrance is in our lives.


SCENTA strictly controls and monitors the quality of essential oils, making sure they can be used in aromatherapy and our long-term suppliers are well-known international essential oil company.


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Then highlight of our salon was the fragrance blending session. SCENTA focuses on customer experience, adheres to the customer-centric principle. This salon we specially prepared offline fragrance blending aimed at allowing customers to feel the charm of aromatherapy, experience the fun of perfumery, and customize their own perfume! We began to blend the essential oils after Mr. Shen shared the skills of fragrance blending, the ratio of the top, middle and base note of fragrance. We were very excited during the process of blending and choosing the essential oils according to our own preferences and blending our own exclusive fragrance.


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SCENTA selected one of the most popular fragrances among the many scents modulated by fans, and it will later be listed as a new fragrance oil for SCENTA AE121 smart aroma diffuser, after optimization and improvement by aromatherapists, which will then be available on all SCENTA major platforms and meet everyone.


After the perfume blending part, the ambiance of this salon reached an climax, with the arrival of the exciting session -- Lucky draw! Everyone took photos in a happy and lively environment, and tasted the delectable high tea during the break, and the salon drew to a close.


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The happy ending of this activity thanks to the participation of every ardent fan. At the event, several hot sale products were displayed on site, and the yet-to-be released essential oils for ultrasonic aroma diffusers were demonstrated to all attendees, allowing fans attended the salon to smell and experience them for the first time. Don't be pity if you missed this salon, please stay tuned to our website and other platforms for more news, and we look forward to our next "fragrance" encounter!


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