Cool-Air or Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser? Which to Choose?

September 15, 2022

Latest company news about Cool-Air or Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser? Which to Choose?
On nowaday's market, there are several types of aroma diffusers, but the cool-air aroma diffuser and ultrasonic aroma diffuser are the most popular. However, their features are different and they are designed for different scenarios. Following a detailed comparison, you will be able to choose the better one.
The following form will describe their differences clearer:
Cool-Air Aroma Diffuser
Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser
Twin-fluid nebulization.
Ultrasonic atomization.
Various: commercial, home, car, etc. 
Applicable Places
Common: cold and dry indoor-room.
Fastly & evenly transform the pure essential oils into aroma molecules. Wider diffusion range and longer scent lasting.
Atomization Effect
Require a low essential oil content. Fine atomization but not enough fragrance intensity.
Waterless: pure essential oil diffusion. Water may damage the machine.
Diffision Materials
Humidify: water is majority while aroma oils are optional.
Refilling is not frequent, and bottles can be designed not so large.
Large bottles, and need for frequent refilling after the fast diffusion.
Smarter: Bluetooth/WiFi APP control, level detection, time programming, scent modes customization, etc.
Mainly appearance-relevant: night light, one-button/touch control, etc.
Wash or dissolve it with alcohol, or replace a new nozzle.
Clogged Problem of Nozzles
Hard to replace the obstructed atomizer plate, need to buy a new machine.
From the above comparison, we can find out, in certain scenarios, a twin-fluid scent diffuser is considerably more appropriate than ultrasonic fragrance diffuser:
  1. Significantly more suited to humid environments.
  2. Space-saving and portable for various scenarios: study area, bedroom, workplace, living room, etc. And moreover, some tiny ones can also be kept as a portable car air freshener.
  3. Easy operation, convenient nozzle replacement and oil refilling give the machine a longer service life and user-friendliness.
  4. Several creative oil diffuser machines are designed with more than one diffuser heads. Different bottles store different fragrance oils and serve for different diffuser heads, preventing fragrance blending.
User Cautions

It is a normal condition if the scent diffuser is unable to switch on for the initial use, you can connect power supply, then turn on the machine. When machine is working, please do not face the scent outlets directly. Additionally, the aroma diffuser does not allow to incline or upside down to avoid oil leakage.